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Destroying Divorce Strongholds (3-Part Audio Mini-Series)

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Myths about divorce and the bible are keeping Christian women stuck in toxic marriages. That is not God's plan. He wants His women to know His true heart concerning their situation so that they can move forward. This brand new series is designed to dispel those myths so that women can experience freedom.

So many women are in a very complicated situation. They are married to a man who claims to be a Christian, but whose lifestyle and words are far from it. The Bible says that marriage is ordered by God, the Creator Himself. It is in this context that God has established specific instructions for us when it comes to how to deal with counterfeit marriages. But the first step is dispelling the lies of the enemy. Get this video series today!

This product has been found to be helpful for Christian women if you're living a separated marriage, think you might be in a toxic marriage, want to know your future if you stay with your toxic boyfriend, thinking of leaving a toxic relationship, are seeking toxic relationship meaning, or are wondering when is love toxic in marriage.